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I'm a Designer focused on creating a more connected, easier to use world


I’m Mariana - User Experience and Product Designer.

More than 8 years experience with design projects. Be involved not only with product design but also other design needs of the company ranging from branding, marketing to graphic design.

In my free time I teach design, have a lectures,
organize design workshops and mentoring designers. I’ve always admired how thoughtful design has the power to change our world. Whether it’s through simplifying interactions or giving users a moment to view something through a new lens, I love creating high-impact solutions that make people happy.

At any scale.

I’m always curious, and I try to tackle projects that push me outside of my comfort zone and allow me to grow. I have experience in finance, trading, education, business, e-commerce, medical and education projects.


I build the crm-systems, admin interface, landing pages, e-commerce shops, mobile apps and branding landing pages.
The world is constantly evolving thanks to designers centering their process around the user. It starts with understanding what the user needs, and mediating an innovative solution to fulfill it.  And Im happy to create something new, useful, convenient and innovative every day. Keep in touch! 

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