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Self Services Software, Logistic, Delivery

Consulting Group provides automated customer oriented IoT solutions to growth of companies in both B2C and B2B with industry. The company's services include call centers, innovation on demand, service, and support for logistics, retail, FMCG, and HoReCa industries.
Since 2013, the Omnic team has developed 20+ self-service solutions for automation and installed over 22 500 parcel locker worldwide. 

Parcel Lockers

Discover the convenience of Omnic indoor and outdoor parcel lockers. Experience hassle-free package management and true business agility while enhancing the efficiency of your last-mile delivery. Explore our range of parcel lockers to find the perfect solution for your business needs.


With over a decade of dedicated expertise, we develop self-service software solutions that have been proven, refined, and perfected through real-life testing.

User centric approach
We are driven by a user-centric philosophy in software design and development.
Our approach places the user experience at the forefront.
High load systems
We rigorously validate our solutions in real-life scenarios,
ensuring unwavering performance and reliability even under
the most demanding conditions.
Integration in under 30 hours
Experience the future of software integration swift
and seamless  in under 30 hours,
empowering you to focus on what truly matters –
driving your business forward.
Reliability tested in real-life
Our software solutions withstand real-world testing
with millions of actual users.
We've refined and optimized our solutions,
ensuring seamless performance and trustworthiness.
For eCommerce
Ecom Gate Solution: Streamlining Communication Between Vendors and Delivery Services
Effortlessly connect vendors and delivery services with Omnic's EcomGate.
Serving as a seamless gateway, EcomGate simplifies the messaging process between vendor and logistician systems.
Say goodbye to complex integrations – our unified approach ensures a consistent experience across systems,
saving you time and resources.
eCommerce personal account
Widget for order monitoring
Widget for locations map
Open API
For Parcel locker network owner

This solution enables centralized management of self-service devices of all types in a single network
The service is developed for customization of the devices network and swift integration of payments and additional business processes. It enables maximum processes automation with flexible management of the processes, real-time monitoring of the whole system and individual elements, generates detailed reports etc.
Network owner  personal account
Courier App
Customer User Interfaces
Open API
For Open Parcel locker network

Solution for rapid integration between partner systems into an open parcel locker network
The developed software solution not only facilitates this integration but also enhances overall efficiency, customer satisfaction, and partner collaboration.
By providing a unified platform for communication and data exchange, the solution empowers businesses to operate within a harmonized ecosystem, thereby reshaping the landscape of parcel delivery and logistics management.
Open network personal account
Open API
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